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Nov 30, 2007 · ADZ124 on Pokerstars Poker Forum. This ADZ124 on Pokerstars is on there almost all the time, with like 8 tables and often over 10K at every table. He's got this clown like avatar which is a bit freaky. I was wondering who ADZ124 was, and it turns out he is a 19 year old from Canada That's a lot of money to be throwing around! He's got a chat ban, hence why he doesnt talk, but he logs on from. Aug 21, 2009 · Poker News & Discussion News, Views, and Gossip Poker Goals & Challenges Poker Beats, Brags, and Variance That's What She Said! Poker Legislation Twitch Online Poker Televised Poker General Poker Strategy Beginners Questions Books and Publications Poker Tells/Behavior Poker Theory Psychology. The poker player ADZ124 was first discovered by HighstakesDB on the high stakes tables of PokerStars on. Since then, a total of 49018 poker hands have been tracked with ADZ124's results being. The 22 Forums Before using this Forum, please refer to the Terms and Conditions Last modified: 2/26/2006. Be sure to read the Two Plus Two Internet Magazine. This is an archive. The main forums are here. These forums are read only.

Friendly Poker Forum, containing Poker Bonus Codes and Tips and Discussion for poker players at all levels. Surfers Poker has many unique poker articles written by poker pros and is a place for all aspiring poker players. We offer great poker bonus codes to help poker players get started, and great advice to help them start winning or improve their poker game. Apr 16, 2010 · no way daniel makes 2 million a year from pstars.maybe $250,000, and that is the max daniel is really a sad case. He missed out on the fulltilt startup, he stayed out of marketing a poker site during the early really lucrative years 2003-2008 and only jumped on the bandwagon at the very end, after his divorce and his place in the poker world was diminished. ADZ124 Poker Player Profile, ADZ124 Online Poker Rankings and Internet Poker Player Stats on pokerstars. All: 2019.

Mar 24, 2010 · Was just watching a 100/200 game and found this pretty funny, are they just joking or is DN really going at him? Do they have history? KidPoker said, did ADZ get his chat banned again? Im assuming yes. Hes a bad boy that one molswi47 said, wouldnt surprise me! KidPoker said, I. Mar 31, 2015 · Post any key hands here, so your stakers know where their money went. State the result of the stake in your last post of the thread. Mar 16, 2008 · 50%, 3 handed, cash game = worst collusion of all time 50%, 200 players, MTT = fine, no problem While there is a difference in degree between the two, mainly related to the likelihood of the players in the MTT showing up at the same table, I fail to see how one can be viewed as terrible and the other perfectly fine and acceptable. 0Human0 is the PokerStars screen name of Romanian player Ignat Liviu, widely considered the countries best player - in fact it has been suggested on reputable online poker forums that he is one of. Jul 02, 2018 · PokerNews is de grootste online poker website van de wereld. Naast nieuwsartikelen over poker, kunnen bezoekers genieten van live-reporting van de belangrijkste pokertoernooien, exclusieve video's en een uitgebreide sectie van online pokerrooms, met gedetailleerde online poker reviews en de beste poker bonussen.

Oct 11, 2019 · Het grootste en meest actieve poker forum van Nederland en omstreken. Praat over elk poker gerelateerd onderwerp met duizenden andere spelers en pro's. PokerStars Hand 168052048695: Omaha Pot Limit $0.05/$0.10 USD. EDI SURF BR $6.95 in chips Seat 3: kabazerg $19.45 in chips. Jan 26, 2012 · Party Poker Review PokerStars Mobile Review PokerStars Review Monkey Knife Fight Promo Code and Review. ADZ124 $2,496,228. Adzizzy124 $488,681. Rankings. Worldwide. N/A All-time high. 104 2014. Poker Forums. Back; Poker Community Poker Advice and Strategy Poker Sites Live Poker Poker Legislation.

Het grootste en meest actieve poker forum van Nederland en omstreken. Praat over elk poker gerelateerd onderwerp met duizenden andere spelers en pro's. HH Gio Schrijf je in voor RSS Post reply. Table '2160461996 27' 9-max Seat 1 is the button Seat 1: surfer_Dream 2278 in chips, $12.25 bounty Seat 2: uglen23 3642 in chips, $12.25. Apr 06, 2018 · kogisc: Hi Evb, I have a problem with deposit to, both via skrill and neteller. I have verified account, send all document and verification was positive. Skrill and neteller both fully verified/autorized. When I open cashier everything is avaliable till the moment that I accept deposit I see new windows and except of skrill/neteller account I see below text: Thank. Poker pro Matt Marafioti has gone missing, according to friend and fellow pro Randy Dorfman. Marafioti, who is known to many by his online moniker ADZ124, has always been something of a divisive. Aug 09, 2011 · TurnitAce: Hi guys, i just made a account on poker stars and i used the strategy-en bonus code so i can get tracked atbut it sad that the bonus code is not good. Is the STARS600 ok to use so i can get traked to pokerstrategy? thx.

Mar 12, 2008 · i could be off. But he is most likely check raising a bet from bebop on flop, turn card is scary, and hit some hands, and he doesnt want to get raised from bebop on the draw heavy board, so turn is abou tpot control. Sep 22, 2019 · Forum: Online Poker Talk Nothing beats playing online poker in your pajamas on a laptop in your bed! Discuss your online game here.

Mar 13, 2008 · Re: Best talker? aejones vs adz124 vs grimstarr I don't remember the guymr.x who asked ADZ this, but it was on full tilt 25/50. genius28 told adz that he's running out of his mind. then mr.x tells genius that adz is simply playing well. Sep 02, 2009 · gavinonymous: I was wondering about the pokerstars RNG, and found a few details - some of it is a bit much for me to understand. Thought it might be worth a post SHUFFLE We understand that a use of a fair and unpredictable shuffle algorithm is critical to our software. To ensure this and avoid major problems described in, we are using two independent sources of truly random data: user input. Aug 22, 2009 · nah the kid has the smarts to do get rich doing anything in his life. both his parents are doctors up in canada. either that or they own a few hospitals. can't remember which. i know it's something medical related though. i know he was born into a very wealthy family and he may or may not have been raised spoiled. either way, who cares the kid is ballin outta control on his own funds!

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